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For Members
Tools for protein design developed and maintained by DeGrado group members are linked to the right.


Super Codons Oligo Mix Generator
Super Codons and Super Nucleotides allow researchers to create diversity in their DNA constructs matching a chosen amino acid distribution.

Suns: The Structural Search Engine
Suns provides the missing search engine for the Protein Data Bank, complete with a Pymol interface.

E(Z) Depth Potential Position Finder
Calculate the energy minimum of a sequence in standard alpha-helix conformation.

Creates helical wheel diagrams for coiled coils of any oligomerization state and orientation.

?-Peptide Rotamer Libaries
Supplementary materials for our paper discussing rotamer libraries for beta-peptide helices. We have calculated libraries for the C3 and C2 positions for both D/L chiralities for 314, 312, 3.0 ?-helices. In addition, we present a comparison of libraries computed for different secondary structure environments.

Use low resolution experimental data to predict the structure of homo-oligomeric transmembrane helical bundles.

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